Beats After Midnight

S02 Episode 2: Moody Womb

February 18, 2016
Moody Womb stopped by to hang out, play some tracks he's been working on, and not talk about myspace. 
*Side note, If I seem a bit ~off~ in this episode it was b/c I had jury duty earlier in the day and my head was pounding. But it's cool, guys... I'm okay now!

1. ⱼax. - No Time Like

2. Swell - I'm Sorry (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)
3. w∆lla C - New Life Feat. Maia, Rui [Co - Prod. Green Assassin Dollar]
4. Yoh the Shaolin  - Sake ft ENXVE (Prod. PLC)
5. [pzndrt] - [vol. 5] umizato.
6. Kali Uchis - Loner
- Moody Womb interview - 
+ Moody Womb minimix +
- Sunlight
- I'ma Shine, Energizer 
- All Comes Back Around 
- Tug Ov War
- Neck 2 Neck