Beats After Midnight
S02 Episode 5: Suit & Tie Guy

S02 Episode 5: Suit & Tie Guy

April 30, 2017

It's been so long, I didn't even remember which episode or season I was on. Anyway, about 7 months ago I went to the STG soundlabs and recorded a 3-4 hour long interview with Suit & Tie Guy. Had a lot to talk about, edit, and a lot listen to. Inevitably, I got busy with school and the podcast was pushed to the side. Many apologies to Suit & Tie guy and anyone who listened regularly. Peace!

S02 Episode 4: Sleeps After Midnight

S02 Episode 4: Sleeps After Midnight

May 7, 2016

All ambient episode of Beats After Midnight. This one's for the sleep deprived and the mega chill folks. 

Track list:
1. Shlohmo - Empty Pools
2. Ikotu - II
3. Ikotu - Swirls
4. Not Waving - Carrizo Plan
5. Michiru Aoyama - のののんの (Nononon No)
6. Michiru Aoyama - 日本の空気 - Air of Japan
7. Yuko Ikoma - Shijima
8. Polymer Slug - 5.01.10 Display 2
9. Mickey Mickey Rourke  - Mama
S02 Episode 3: Fancy Hawk

S02 Episode 3: Fancy Hawk

March 24, 2016

Check two-one-two. Fancy Hawk stopped by for episode 3! We talked about a lot things: parenting, the reptilian agenda, GW's painting career, and Fancy Hawks upcoming cassette.

Submerse - Sidequests 
Allan Kingdom - Wavey
Aso - Never Leave
SadeVillain - Air
Wiki - Whole Half
Gabe 'Nandez - Lab
Fancy Hawk - Sedentary
Fancy Hawk - Looks Fancy
Fancy Hawk - 5%
S02 Episode 2: Moody Womb

S02 Episode 2: Moody Womb

February 18, 2016
Moody Womb stopped by to hang out, play some tracks he's been working on, and not talk about myspace. 
*Side note, If I seem a bit ~off~ in this episode it was b/c I had jury duty earlier in the day and my head was pounding. But it's cool, guys... I'm okay now!

1. ⱼax. - No Time Like

2. Swell - I'm Sorry (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)
3. w∆lla C - New Life Feat. Maia, Rui [Co - Prod. Green Assassin Dollar]
4. Yoh the Shaolin  - Sake ft ENXVE (Prod. PLC)
5. [pzndrt] - [vol. 5] umizato.
6. Kali Uchis - Loner
- Moody Womb interview - 
+ Moody Womb minimix +
- Sunlight
- I'ma Shine, Energizer 
- All Comes Back Around 
- Tug Ov War
- Neck 2 Neck
S02 Episode 1: Grill Billyenz

S02 Episode 1: Grill Billyenz

February 10, 2016

Grill Billyenz stopped by to play some tracks from his new project, "Raisins," and chatted about the darker side of the force. Plus, an unofficial Valentine's day mix for loving and chilling, and some tracks for lonely emo hearts. 

1. 2814 - 恢复
2. Grace Mitchell - White Iverson 
3. SiR - Love You
4. Melodiesinfonie - Brotherlove
5. Joyce Wrice - I Want You
6. Noname - All I Need ft. SPZKRT
7. Milosh - Right Never Comes
Grill Billyenz
- Nomenclature 
- Lynxxx
- Majin
S01 Episode 10:  First Takes - My Mom

S01 Episode 10: First Takes - My Mom

September 28, 2015

Episode featuring my mom talking about things she's pretending to like b/c she's nice.

track listing:
1. Mounika - I'm Not Here
2. ⱼax. - Dream Scapes
3. Die Jungen - Cold Night
4. Clams Casino - I'm God (instr.)
5. Saluki - In Focus
6. Holly - Lost And Found (feat. Lord Apex & Stereossauro)

S01 Episode 9: Shilzzz

S01 Episode 9: Shilzzz

September 12, 2015

Shilzzz is our special guest/co-host for episode 9! + tracks by Kutmah, BZK〒, A-gs, Scrubber Fox, and J. Roosevelt

For artist links, check 
S01 Episode 8: Chimess

S01 Episode 8: Chimess

August 25, 2015

Chimess stopped by the Beats After Midnight studio (the corner of my bedroom) to have a quick chat about his music and performed a live set of some of latest work! Plus, tracks by: Rawn the Almagest, Yoh the Shaolin, Dryf, and Sundial. ALSO, the word "smoothing" as an adjective.

S01 Episode 7

S01 Episode 7

July 20, 2015

This week's episode features tracks by emune and his Always Proper collective + other laid back tracks by some talented Minnesota natives. No interview this week, but there is a small write up on the artist emune, the producer behind "Auras" over at 

track list and show notes at
S01 Episode 6: Yoh the Shaolin

S01 Episode 6: Yoh the Shaolin

July 3, 2015

Yoh the Shaolin joins me for a conversation about his craft and from where he draws his inspiration. Plus, music from Yoh and other chilled out artists from around the net. Show notes and links available at